How I Have Six Degrees of Separation from a Famous 100-year-old Cat

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Felix the Cat to Charles Lindbergh

A Felix the Cat toy figurine was chosen by Charles Lindbergh as his mascot for his 1927 trans-Atlantic flight.

Charles Lindbergh to The Spirit of St. Louis

Charles Lindbergh made the first solo non-stop trans-Atlantic flight in The Spirit of St. Louis, a single seat single engine, high wing monoplane.

The Spirit of St. Louis to Haskelite Plywood

Portions of the Spirit of St. Louis were made with plywood manufactured in New York by Haskelite plywood.

The wood was chosen because of its durability and minimal weight.

Haskelite Plywood to Hasco Trays

Haskelite plywood was used in the 1940s to make decorative serving trays.

Sold under the division name Hasko, they were so durable they are frequently found in vintage stores today.

Hasko Trays to Felix the Cat

Several Hasco trays were donated to a resale shop in Palm Springs, California.

So was a very rare vintage Felix the Cat stuffed plush animal.

Felix the Cat to Me

I bought him. And, the trays.

What is Next is this Sequence?

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That would make You the 7th degree of separation.

Famous, like Kevin Bacon.

That is why I have A Vintage Addiction



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