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"What Is In a Subscription Vintage Treasure Box For Me?" Part II

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This continues to addresses concerns about subscription boxes brought up in August 16th's blog, "What is a Vintage Treasure Box?" "Why?" "What's In It For Me?" and why A Vintage Addiction's Subcriptiion boxes are the best.

What is in it for you in A Vintage Addiction (AVA) Curated Treasure Box is what you want and need. Then, we added value much greater than the cost.

Since an ice cream sundae isn't complete without a cherry on top, we include a variety of bonuses you didn’t know you wanted and needed until you got them.

AVA subscription boxes save you time by taking on the shopping for you. We make it easy for you to add products you love that compliment your home. Our curating process ensures that the contents of the box add significant value to your existing collections. If you've missed that read:

When creating our subscription box business plan we consulted with members of GenX, Millennials, and our age-mate Baby Boomers regarding their shopping practices and concerns. Convenience was a major factor among all ages but ranked the number one factor with GenX shoppers.

A Vintage Addiction's Subscription Box plan is convenient. It is there 24/7/365. The website is organized with our box info under one heading. Links to FAQ and box details open in new windows so you don't lose your page and input while you are ordering - one of my pet peeves.

Our mobile-friendly site allows you to manage all aspects of your account remotely. This includes updating address information and viewing a tracking number, to selecting a recurring billing date that meets your needs.

GenX consultants told us that after convenience, Delegated Decision Making was their next priority. We live in a world with so many choices that often it is hard to anychoice. My local grocery store has over 1000 cereal choices. Yes, that is wonderful, but it can also be overwhelming to make good and timewise decisions with so much to consider in every aspect of our lives.

That is why AVA boxes were designed with both choices and delegation of choice. Meaning, we curate to your taste, style, and budget. We offer the perfect combination of personalization and customization. I know of no other subscription box company that does they the way we do. We take a photograph of the box contents before we package it. Your preference profile and past photos serve as a reference for making sure each product we send you is both unique and compatible.

The transparency of business practices at AVA puts delegated decision making into a subscription box plan that has no hidden costs or commitments. Our price includes shipping cost for domestic locations and is weigh and destination based for international shipping. There are no surprises except what is in the box!

Millennial friends and family say they prefer to support environmentally friendly companies. With our motto, Saving the Earth One Used Item at a Time, every day we work start to finish with respect to that concern. Our working environment and procedures support resource conservation. AVA products are packaged with extreme care using recycled and recyclable materials.

Millennials also told us that, like all our shoppers, one size doesn't necessarily fit all. Our JUST FOR YOU slogan means AVA offers many box types, sizes, and price points. From sampler sizes to extra-large boxes, styles from 1940s homestead to 1980s Christmas, one-time purchase boxes and subscription durations of 3, 6, and 12 months priced from under $20 to $89.95 we have something for everyone.

We dispell our Baby Boomers concerns about Customer Service with our hassle-free returns, satisfation guarantee, and always a "live" person to contact. Our Sampler Boxes, perfect for the skeptical boomer, allows or customers to 'try before they buy' by offering the price of a paid sampler box to be credited to a subscription plan. That's free stuff!

While some subscription boxes send a supply of the same product each month that may cause a mumble or scream of, "Enough with the coffee samples, eye shadow, and razors!" with AVA you are guaranteed a new variety of items with each shipment. And, our boxes won't suddenly disappear from the market, leaving you abandoned and lonely. We are in for the long haul. We want you in the passenger seat next to us.

You may have heard the joke that us oldsters don't buy green bananas. The element of truth in that applies to our internet shopping. "What if my needs change during the subscription period? Can I stop this thing" Yes. We understand the need for flexibility and will treat you just as we want to be treated.

Some of our Boomers fret about site security and the protection of their personal information. AVA has that covered. Our website host and payment processor are reputable in the industry. We receive no credit card information from them, just what was purchased and where to send it.

We have also addressed our own high priority, the importance of keeping our excellent reputation. A Vintage Addiction products are the best possible vintage quality and condition. You will receive desirable, authentic vintage items with a value at least twice the cost of the box. Provenance, ancestry, and heritage information is included when it is available. The variety of bonuses offered at each tier of subscription duration are unsurpassed by our competitors and a primary reason why Cur Customers Love And You Will Too.

Whether you share the concern of the generations , or not, it is clear that A Vintage Addiction is the best vintage subscription box choice. Go ahead and give us a try. You have nothing to lose. You may even join us in our addiction.

As Always,

THAT is why I Have A Vintage Addiction



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