Set of three (3) angel Christmas tree ornaments.

Brass angel figurines with faceted zircon crown; one each blue, purple and clear.Each angel carries a different religious service symbol; a candle, a cross, and an open songbook or bible. 

The angels measure  2 1/4" h x 2 1/4" l x 1 1/4" w.

2 1/2" silver cord hanging loop for use as an ornament.

Flat bottom scalloped edge for use as a figurine.

A lovely set of ornaments from the 1960s, made in Hong Kong.

At 60 years old these precious angels are in very good condition with no missing elements, sharp edges, or scratches.

They have considerably less patina than one would expect for their age.  The patina adds to their vintage appeal but can be polished if desired. 


Ships from Arizona, USA. 

For an international shipping quote, contact the seller with the destination address. 

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Angel Christmas Ornaments 3 Brass Angel Figurines Vintage 1960s

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