Antique jewelry box for men's or women's accessories, trinkets or keepsakes
Wooden flip top dresser top storage chest
Blond wood veneer crafted with dovetail joints, rounded corners, and grooved edges
Mirrored interior lid
Mirror etched with double line border
Red celluloid handle tab
Interior is lined with cardboard covered with a textured red paper. While the paper is worn and torn along the hinged side, the lining itself is quite nice
Felt furniture protecting pads
7" l x 2" h x 2 3/4" w

The condition of this box is rough. I hate to say that because it has so much style to offer. 
The exterior has scratches, dings, and dents, as it should for its age. The left front corner has some worn and chipped veneer. The mirror is completely spotted and streaked. I am not bothered by that patina. My reflection is softened in it and I appear a little bit less antique myself. While the paper is worn and torn along the hinged side, the lining itself is quite nice, My three favorite things, about this box, are the foggy mirror, the surprisingly nice interior lining, and the carved lines on the lid and at the base. 

This is a wonderful example of 1930's craftsmanship in the USA as the Depression began to ease when WWII started in Europe. If it had a music box it most certainly would be playing "I'll Be Seeing You". This box deserves a home where it can hold a new set of memories.


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Jewelry Box Antique Blond Wood Red Trim Mirrored Flip Top Lined Storage Unisex Men's or Women's Trinket Box Vintage Keepsake Chest FREE SHIPPING

Antique Jewelry Box Handcrafted Wooden Keepsake Storage Chest

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A Vintage Addiction, Yuma, Arizona, USA

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