Antique 19th-century mortar and pestle from Greece.
Built for endurance and constant use, the hardwood set was hand-turned using Greek Field Maple for the bowl and the Heartwood of a Greek Field Maple tree for the club.
The spacious 5" deep mortar measures 6 1/2" with a 6" diameter opening and a 4" diameter base. 
The pestle measures 10" in length with a 1 3/4" diameter blunt grinding end. 
The 1" diameter grip feels good in the hand - the right length and width, and smoothness from over 150 years of use.  
The mortar is simply decorated with two sets of double lines following the circumference of the bowl.
Between the upper set of lines is the word " 'Apteuioia".
Translated from Greek as Artemis, the Greek goddess of the herbalist. 
As herb related, the root of the word Artemis is found in the name of the genus of flowers known as Artemisia.   
Artemisia plants are aromatic and are used for culinary, and medicinal properties. 
Plants in the Artemisia family include Mugwort, Tarragon, Wormwood, Southernwood and Silver Mound.
Many plants in the Artemisia family are used for tea which supports the wooden set as used for either culinary or medicinal purposes.

The condition of the set is superior. There is a light patina on the inside and outside the bowl, and an even patine on the heartwood grinder. 
There are no cracks, split wood, breaks, chips, or damage on either piece. 

The minimalist style, the commonality of wooden sets used in the Mediterranean, the patina, the wood choice, the size, the engraving, and the condition tell part of its age and history. 
It's exact use and how it got from the 1800's Greece to an antique store near Yosemite National Forest in California, USA. in 2019  is unknown.  
I located it there and fell in love with its primitive charm and functional size.  I took it with me home to Arizona.  Where is it going next?



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Antique Pharmacy Mortar and Pestle Greek Field Maple Turned Wood Apothecary Tool Primitive Kitchen Decor 19th Century European Greek Goddess Artemis Folk Art

Antique 19th Century Pharmacy Mortar and Pestle Goddess Artemis Greek Field Maple Turned Wood Apothecary Tool Primitive European Folk Art

Antique Pharmacy Mortar and Pestle Greek Field Maple Turned Wood Apothecary Tool

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