Gorgeous Antique Valentine's Day Postcard
This Golden Age postcard is dated 1902 -  1910.
Beautifully embossed, the silver-blue background contains the words, "I greet thee, Valentine". 
The scene depicts an angel-cherub-cupid holding a red heart as he/she stands within a border of pink roses.
5 1/2" h x 3 1/2" w
Written in pencil, on the address side of the back,  is the name Martha Todd. 
Marked "Printed in Germany" 
Unposted card
The condition of the card is very, very good for 110 - 120 years old, the left bottom corner has been folded, as has a bit of the lower center. There are no tears, marks, wear, discoloration or defacement.
Are you intrigued that the name of the giver is absent?  Who is Martha? What happened to her, and to the giver? Where did the friendship, or romance, take place? 
This postcard would be beautiful in an elegant victorian frame - filigree silver, or porcelain painted with pink roses - as a romantic wall hanging or dresser top picture.

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Antique Valentines Day Postcard Romantic Cupid Angel 1900s Ephemera

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