Beautiful ceramic pumpkin multi-purpose dish
Brightly colored pumpkin covered dish with a shiny clear glaze
Hand-painted with fall colors of orange, yellow, green, and brown
Painted sunflower, leaves, and vines
The arched stem serves as the lid's handle
White interior with a food-safe glaze
Measures 6"  h x 6" diameter
4 1/2" opening
28 fluid ounce capacity to brim
Holds 3 -4 cups of wrapped hard candy
Vintage 1990s Fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving tableware
Excellent condition with no chips, cracks, paint wear, or crazing

This piece is lovely for many uses. For use with extreme temperature foods, hot or cold, the bowl must be tempered or the glaze may craze, and possibly, the ceramic may crack. To temper, add a small amount of room temperature water to the bowl. Place the lid on the bowl and let sit a few moments.  Gradually adding small increments of water, increase the temperature for serving hot food, or decrease the temperature for serving cold food.   Allow the dish to adapt to the new temperature.  This dish should not be refrigerated, or placed in the oven, microwave, or dishwasher.  If your climate experiences extreme weather in the winter or summer, store this dish indoors and you'll enjoy its use year after year. 
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Ceramic Pumpkin Covered Candy Dish Handpainted Vintage Soup Tureen

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